Our Curriculum Choices for 8th Grade

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I have lots of great memories of homeschooling middle school. My daughter was in irish stepdancing, and really loved doing nature photography in middle school.  She also started volunteering as a TA in a science class in our co-op.

In 8th grade, we used a variety of resources, some faith based and some secular.  One of my favorite thing about middle school was that I got to watch my daughter begin to discover that she wanted to be a leader.  Here's our choices for curriculum for her that year.

Our 8th Grade Curriculum Choices 

Social Studies

We did Oak Meadow's Civics course in 8th grade, and my daughter loved it. It explored government on the local, state and national level.  The writing assignments helped my young teen to develop her writing skills with a variety of exercises.  


English 8 from Oak Meadow, focuses on reading 7 classic novels and writing about them.  I loved the questions for both comprehension and critical thinking in this course. It includes work in grammar and usage as well.  I have a review of the course here.  

Through this course, literature became something that my daughter looked forward to everyday.  I found the Teacher's Manual, which can be purchased from the Oak Meadow office, to be very helpful in teaching this course.


We used Science 8, from the Rainbow Resource Center.  This frugal book included physical science, life science and earth and space science. I liked how it covered a wide variety of science concepts, and prepared her for 9th grade science study.  Specific activities, experiments and puzzles went along with each concept that was introduced.  


Switched on Schoolhouse Pre-Algebra was a hit at our house. It covered Pre-Algebra topics with a multi-media approach.  The explanations were clear and helpful, and that is according to my daughter.  It had the structured and depth that helped my daughter retain what she had learned.  I also liked that it was a self-graded course, a great time saver.  We also used their tutoring by the half-hour at times, when there was a problem.  

In November that year, we dropped our regular studies and joined in the fun at the National Novel Writing Month (NaNovWriMo). It is a time to join others who are working on creative writing that month.  We used this book for middle school to help us get started.

Middle School Workbook

It is described in this post on 3 Frugal Resources for Creative Writing.  This became a fun November break, that we continued into the high school years.  And creative writing helped not only to build up my daughter's writing skills, it also taught her about the components of literature, plot, character, setting, etc.

What are your choices for curricula for 8th grade?  Please feel free to share in the comments, as I love to hear about new resources that you have discovered.

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  1. Great choices! I love reading everyone's homeschool line-up.

    1. Thanks, Beauty full Slow, and nice to meet you! I like this time of year, when lots of folks share what they are doing for next year. I love your onine name!

  2. I have heard so many great things about Oak Meadow. I have used a mainly literature based approach with Sonlight's book lists, but have also thought about expanding it.

    1. Hi Heather! We used Oak Meadow English for many years, and loved it. I have a link to the review of 8th grade OM here - http://www.thecurriculumchoice.com/2014/07/oak-meadow-english-8-review/, if you are interested. It was a stand alone course, with 7 novels. I loved the choice of writing assignments. There are sample lessons on the Oak Meadow site, too. Wishing you a joyful year!