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I am a homeschool blogger, and most importantly am mom to my 20 yo who graduated from BJ's Homeschool a few years ago.  I blog about our homeschool journey through High Schooland the fun of Middle School, those Early Yearstoo.  

Grab a cup of coffee, take a break from it all, and see what's happening at our house........

I met my husband, 25 years ago. We live in the Pacific NW, enjoy nature, and are lucky to live just down the street from our church. 

We adopted our precious daughter, 19 years ago, flying to China to meet her, at 11 months of age. She made our family complete. I soon left my job at an O.T to become a stay-at-home mom, and begin homeschooling.  

My daughter has brought us such joy, and also came to us with some special needs, SPD related to her nursery care in China during her first year.  Homeschooling helped so much with these concerns.  

As a family, we enjoy nature walks, hiking and road trips, church activities, and in my free time, I enjoy photography and gardening.

Our Homeschool

We homeschooled to the nurturing spirit of learning at home. I am an eclectic homeschooler, and love hands-on-learning and used a variety of curriculum.  Learning at home helped my daughter to develop the confidence and skills to become all that she was meant to be. 

In senior year, my daughter applied to college.....

....and was accepted by each one that she applied to, with scholarship offers.  I was so nervous about that at first, but we found that there were so many homeschool friendly colleges out there.  Many colleges are looking for homeschoolers, and the process is getting easier, too.  

If you are looking at college for your teen, and want a guide, I wrote a book on that and how I helped my kiddo get there, including preparing for college and the college application process. It really is not that hard!  

My goal in blogging and writing is to encourage other homeschooling moms.  I hope that you will find something helpful here at BJ's Homeschool, for you and your precious kids.  The most important job is the one that we do at home, raising our children.

My Affiliate Policy

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Betsy is a veteran homeschooler who blogs at BJ's Homeschool, about the early yearshigh school and college too.  She offers homeschool help and free messages at BJ's Consulting, and I was recently interviewed here. (my one second of "fame")

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