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We homeschooled our daughter since preK, and she is now in college, and thriving there.  I am so glad that we homeschooled all the way as it kept our relationships strong during the all important teen years.  And now in college, too.

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Building Up our Teens  
Teens need to know they are important, and have special gifts to offer.  

Our Favorites for US History and how we made it 
into our own course, with a few frugal resources.

The Value of Homeschooling High School  Why we chose to homeschool all the way, and how glad we are that we did.  Be encouraged. 

Our Homemade Course in Video-Making
Lots of fun and easy to put together.

BJ's Homeschool - Our Journey Towards College: Finding the Play in our Days!

Finding the Play in our High School Days 
Homeschooling high school is a lot more than core studies.

Nature Study Activities for Teens

Lots of ideas for birdwatching activities for teens, and how to make them into a high school elective, if you like.

BJ's Homeschool - Through my Teen's Eyes

Growing a Leader 
How my kiddo found that she wanted to become a leader, including lots of leadership activity ideas for yours.

Our favorite living lit curriculum is Oak Meadow, and here is how it helped my daughter to develop strong essay writing skills, and dive deep into literature.

Reevaluation and Renewal- Senior Year
-and goal setting tips, too.

Homeschooling high school is so much more than just core studies....with resources for finding a homeschool prom for your teen.

 Preparing my heart for Graduation and then all the fun of watching her take on college the next year...Folks, it only gets better, seeing how your child has benefitted from homeschooling, in their lives.

 Here's how we celebrated, with lots of ideas for your teen... and links and resources to find events in your state.

All of my best tips for planning high school, with planning printables are in my book called Homeschooling High School with College in Mind.  Check it out!
Now let's look at college from a homeschooling perspective:


My always homeschooled daughter received multiple acceptance offers with scholarships and is now studying at her top choice university.  We were able to keep own eclectic homeschooling style along the way.  I share this only because that could be your teen, too.

Going from Homeschool to College - This is Our Story

The beauty of homeschooling high school is that you get to build and nurture your teen's interests and help them discover their strengths, and how this helps with college admissions as well.  The e-book has a roundup of elective ideas and links.

7 Tips for Showcasing your Student to the College

Top Picks for High School Curriculum -Aiming towards College

Another College Acceptance

  How First Quarter Went at College

A Homeschooler Goes to College - Again!  

How homeschooling helped my 2e teen make Dean's List  

"From earning stickers for finishing her work as a little one, to making the Dean's List at college....All those early learning experiences really do count, and you are building motivated self learners as you go, day by day......!"

I gathered all my best tips for college into this book, called Homeschooling High School with College in Mind.    

All my best tips for planning high school and doing college prep, all in one place!

Paperback and Kindle are
on Amazon.  Now on Educents as a PDF!

Shelly at There's No Place Like Home says:

"This book is packed with valuable information, and it's written in an easy-to-read format for those of us who don't have the time to read dictionary-size manuals.  I truly believe that Betsy literally thought of everything and didn't think twice about including it! I will be recommending this book to all of my friends...."

Kindle has 13 newly updated downloadable 

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  1. This is a VERY helpful page of resources... I will be referring to it often now that we have started our high school journey!

  2. Thanks so much, Mary Prather, for stopping by, and your kind comment! I am hoping to put this into an ebook form someday, as I would like to help more families who are looking at the college option. I enjoyed reading your latest update, on your two kids, as they start another great year! Thanks for hosting Collage Friday!


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