My Favorite Elementary Curriculum for my 2e Daughter

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Oak Meadow Review - Complete Fifth Grade Package

Are you looking for a great hands-on program for your gifted child?  Have you considered Oak Meadow?  We have used it for years, and my gifted 2e daughter loved it for it's creative, project-oriented approach. 

When I was looking around for her homeschool curriculum during the elementary years, I happened upon  Oak Meadow, who offered a flexible curricula for K-12.  

Doing the hands-on history projects, like this diorama of Jamestown, made US history real!
Making Jamestown with cardboard and wooden sticks.

We decided to use it starting in 5th grade, and were delighted with it's approach.  My daughter loved the history lessons, which were full of information but written to the child, including things that she cared how the children might have lived at that time in history, etc.  

We especially liked how their English/US History was combined course for 5th grade. My daughter liked how each lesson was written to the student in a gentle child-oriented way, yet is full of information at the same time. 

This program was flexible and easy to use.  It helped a lot with my planning, as all the projects were laid out and well explained.  I didn't need to find the game to go along with the lesson, or search for a particular project to do.  That saved me a lot of time, looking for the right book to go along with what we were studying, etc. It was put together for me, yet I could use it in any way that I liked.

Families can pick and choose from the subjects offered and just purchase one book in most grades.  Or they can get the whole package, which coordinates the history lessons with the English assignments, in a very nice cohesive way, and includes all the other subjects listed above, too. 

Oak Meadow was started by a Waldorf based teacher, who has written much of the curriculum, though it is re-edited each year.  It is not a waldorf curricula per se, but it has is routed in solid child development and uses crafts and hand arts during the elementary years, as Waldorf schools do.  

RE - Hand Arts - My daughter learned so much from hand arts, eg, knitting, sewing, weaving, etc.  It helped to develop not only her fine motor skills but also her attention span, attention to detail, and other task skills.  That is just a small part of their program.

Today I am sharing my Oak Meadow review for fifth grade, which includes English, social studies, math and science, and crafts/hand arts too.  

Please click here for: My Complete Review of Oak Meadow-Fifth Grade.

Drawing and essay writing was intergrated into the US History lessons, and our kitten sometimes tried to join in the fun!

Note - Oak Meadow offers used curriculum on Amazon, under Oak Meadow Seconds and the Oak Meadow Families Facebook Group also includes used curricula sales. 

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