Our 3 Favorite Resources for US History - Elementary

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Are you looking for resources to teach US History to your kids?  

At BJ's Homeschool, we used a combination of living literature, hands-on projects, and short lessons to study about our country's history.  We had three favorite resources to help us do just that...

Today, I would like to share our three favorite resources for elementary US History:

1. "History and Me" - a creative workbook with hands-on activities 
2.  the Little House on the Prairie series, with craft books 
3.  US History 5 - from Oak Meadow homeschool publishers

We began our studies, with the book "History and Me", when my daughter was in 3rd/4th grade...

History and Me, by Education.com offers a great way to introduce US History to your kids, and it is frugally priced at less than $8.00. Through this book, your kids are introduced to US history by learning about the people in it.

History and Me is divided into four sections:

1.  She's so Cool - Women in History
2.  American Heroes
3.  Presidential Potpurri - Famous Presidents
4.  Tracing your Roots - an introduction to studying family history

The first section includes short biographies of famous women in our history, and also gives practice in reading comprehension skills, and learning about biographies.

The second section includes short lessons on Alexander Hamilton, Eleanor Roosevelt, Susan B. Anthony,  Martin Luther King, Jr. and many more.  I like how it uses word scrambles to help with retention in this section.

In the third section, about our Presidents, your kids are introduced to historical time lines, with cut and paste activities used to make them.

The last section involves interviewing family members, to begin to map out your family's history.

Education.com also offers 15,000 free printables, which include fun activities, worksheets and online games.  Just click here, to reach their extensive list of printables.

After studying the lessons in History and Me, we moved on to focus on the pioneer days, with the series of novels from "The Little House on the Prairie", our second US History resource.

photo credit - http://www.scholastic.com/teachers/book/little-house-prairie
Scholastic offers the The Little House Series, but we got most of our books from the library.  

While reading them, we enjoyed My Little House Crafts Book , and had lots of hands-on fun with their craft ideas.  Gerdine B. also offers many related activities here - Pinterest Activities, as does the  Proverbs 31 Woman ----- with her Little House in the Big Woods Activities.  

Finally, when we were ready to move beyond the pioneer days, and really to delve into US History, we found a wonderful course, from Oak Meadow Homeschool Publications.

Oak Meadow Review - Complete Fifth Grade Package www.thecurriculumchoice.com

Oak Meadow's US History 5 was complete with charming lessons full of factual history lessons, which were coordinated with tons of hands-on projects and living literature books as well. 

Their US History lessons included information that young children would want to know, such as family life, toys and children's clothing, along with the important historical facts of US History. 

The Living Literature books included - The Story of Harriet Tubman, Ben and Me, Sarah Mortan's Day - a pilgrim girl's story... and five more.

Doing the hands-on history projects, like this diorama of Jamestown, made US history real!

And I loved how US History 5 encouraged my daughter's critical thinking! Click here for the rest of my review of Oak Meadow 5th grade.

These are our three favorites for teaching US History during the elementary years.  What are yours?  What projects do your kids especially enjoy? Please share in the comments... and I love reading them.

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  1. Thank you for sharing on Top-Notch Tuesday! These are great resources and we look forward to using some of them :)

  2. Thanks, Simply Knowledge Homeschool, and enjoy your day!


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