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"Do your little ones struggle with handwriting?  Is it hard for them to hold a pencil comfortably?  Or do they grip it very tightly? 

Learning to write shouldn't have to be a struggle. Often, kids learn good grasp patterns by doing small muscle activities.  Here are some of my posts which include fun activities to help your kids with handwriting.  

A fun way to strengthen the finger muscles.

1.  Small Muscle Games

2.  Teach Your Kids to Write

Clay Fun Art by Oak Meadow - Review at The Curriculum Choice

Another option that may help is to try a pencil grip aid.  Some kids really can do better with an aid.  It can help them to know where to place their fingers in position for a mature grasp. 

cover photo

One of my favorite resources for pencil grip aid is a pencil kit from Draw Your World.  It is made up of helpful writing aids and devices to make learning to write easier for your kids.  Click here to read more about these pencil grip aids.  

Here's one of their aids that can help your kids learn to use this more mature grasp pattern...

This device guides the fingers into place for a mature grasp.  Please see how they use it, in the last picture below, as it can be grasped in two ways - and is called Twist and Write:

Photo Credit - Draw Your World

Here's another helpful writing aid from their kit, for kids who are more advanced:

This Starter Pencil Set from Draw Your World is a frugal resource and it includes six aids for handwriting".....click here to read more.....

I also found some helpful pencil grips and aids on Amazon.  There is also another one called Pen Again - Twist"NWrite Pencils  available at Office Depot, at a frugal price.

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Thanks so much for stopping by, and I do enjoy reading your comments!   Do you have a struggling writer in your house?  What kinds of things help your little writers?

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