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Oak Meadow English 8 Review 

Oak Meadow English 8 is all about introducing the components of good literature to your middle schooler, and getting them writing about it, too.   We loved how Oak Meadow’s focus is on hands on learning and it works to meet the child when she is:  head, hands and heart......


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What people are saying:

"Homeschooling Parents of 8th Graders Read this Book!"

"I say that homeschooling parents of 8th graders should read this book because you don't want to miss out on all the valuable planning tools that Betsy has included.  Betsy writes in such a conversational tone that it seems like you'r meeting up to have a coffee and chat...but don't let that fool you!  After you finish reading this book you will feel confident and motivated to take the next steps to educate your kids yourself and be ready for homeschooling high school."

.................Kelly Maddeck, President of Washington State's Homeschool Support Association

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