100 BEST Resources for Homeschooling High School

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When I was homeschooling high school, just a few years ago, I always was on the lookout for the "best" resources that I could find that were a fit for my daughter and our homeschool. The ones that engaged her, motivated her to do her best work, and that were well put together. 

Today I'd like to share 100 of our favorite resources for high school.  This list includes a wide variety of resources, such as some gift ideas for teens, favorite curriculum that we have used, fun elective ideas, leadership activities, and even resources for doing drama activities with your teens!

I hope that you will find ideas, gifts, or other things that fit your homeschool to a "T".  And I wish for you that you find something that gives you encouragement and joy, to help you treasure these precious years with your high schooler... at home.

I hope that you have fun browsing around on this list!  I organized it into the following catagories:

1.  Art, Drawing and Chalk Pastels
2.  Career Exploration
3.  Creative Writing
4.  English Resources
5.  Favorite Electives
6.  Getting Started with High School at Home
7.  Homeschooling to College - KINDLE ON SALE!
8.  Leadership Activities and Resources
9.  Math and Financial Literacy
10. Physical Education
11. SAT Prep
12. Science Resources
13. Social Studies Resources
14. Speech and Drama

Let's start with some great resource for art, whether you have an artist in your home, or a would-be one, or just want to make time for a creativity break in your homeschool afternoons.


Nutcracker Video Art Lessons

History of Art Workbook

Christmas Video Art Lessons

Harmony Fine Arts 

Art for All Ages Chalk Art Bundle.

200 Projects to Strengthen Your Art Skills

Chalk Art Video Art Course - Semester 1

Artistic Pursuits - High School


Career Exploration Curriculum BUNDLE

What Color is Your Parachute for Teens

Career Exploration Curriculum Bundle

EarlyChildhood Education from 7 Sisters

Career Exploration for High Schoolers


National Novel Writing Month Site

3 Ways to Build Strong Writers - Through Creative Writing

Writing Fiction for High School - Bringing Your Stories to Life

No Plot No Problem

Learn to Write the Novel Way from www.christianbook.com


Oak Meadow American Literature, Literature and Composition and more

7 Sisters Homeschool English and Writing

British Literature and Writing - 1 full credit high school English course

Making Your Own High School English Course

7 Sisters Literature Guides

Time 4  Learning English

Writing Skills - Essential Skills for the College Bound


Introduction to Psychology from a Christian Perspective Lesson Plans

Building Relationships Through Mini-Road Trips

Music – Music lessons, composer studies, Squilt - http://www.homegrownlearners.com/squilt/, playing in a band or orchestra, singing in a choir, performing, attending performances call all lead to a high school credit in music.  Our area had a homeschool choir available.

Music Appreciation - My friend, Tricia Hodges, from Hodgepodge used this course and recommends it 20th Century Music Appreciation Course.

Incredible Creeks  Nature Study for older kids and teens

Our Homemade Course in Video Production - Video Making - We made our own course in video-making, a true joy to do with my teen.  It became a one-half credit elective on her homeschool transcript and was tons of FUN!

Philosophy in 4 Questions - A whole credit of philosophy, by 7 Sisters, highly recommended.  No busy work, and from a Christian perspective.

Photography – I taught my daughter photography, from age 8, and we did this together for many years, and it later became a homemade elective.  There are also online courses in photography, and some parks dept’s offer classes as well.


Homeschooling High School with Confidence

Making a Study Space for Your Teen

Ultimate Guide to Homeschooling High School

The FUN of Homeschooling High School

Celebrate Your Homeschool Grad


Planning High School with College in Mind

6 Tips for Going from High School to College

High School Electives and College

Are You Homeschooling High School with College in Mind?

Have you seen my book on homeschooling high school?

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My book is a do-it-yourself guide to high school and how to apply to college, with helpful forms that go along with each chapter. 

It lays out everything from making your homeschool transcript, finding curricula, writing course descriptions, assigning high school credit, dealing with references as a homeschooler and much more.

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PDF on Educents  

Here are the chapters:

Researching College Entrance Requirements
Planning High School with College in Mind 
Choosing High School Curriculum
Assigning High School Credit
Making Your Transcripts (Calculating the GPA, etc)
Electives and College
Writing the College Essay
Course Descriptions and Reference Letters
Preparing your Teen for College Writing
Don't Forget the FUN!

No worry about forgetting anything! 

WITH 12 Planning Printables

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What to Think About When Making Your College Choice

Helping My Daughter Prepare her Heart for College

How First Quarter Went at College

A Homeschooler Goes to College...Again!


My daughter's story at Mock Youth Legislature

Homeschool Girl Scouts 

1. Youth and Government is a hands on way of learning about state government, gaining speech and debate skills at the same time.  They meet in small groups, as delegations, then compete in district events, while learning about state government and how a bill becomes a law.  Meanwhile they practice debate skills, leading up to the statewide Youth Mock Legislature.  All the teens gather together at the youth legislator and enact the roles of legislators and vote on mock bills, written by the teens themselves.  This program is available in 33 states across the country, and is sponsored by the YMCA.  They even elect their own youth governor each year! 

2. TeenPack Leadership Schools  www.teenpact.com This is another well established leadership program which provides groups and workshops that equip teens to become leaders in politics, society and citizenship.  They offer state classes, four day classes and a national convention, too. Their classes are held in 41 states at their state capitals.  Many of my teen’s homeschool friends participated in these events and learned a lot there. They looked forward to it every year.  To register for a state class click here - https://teenpact.com/events/

3.  Counselor-in-Training Programs – The girl scouts, boy scouts and camp fire programs all offer counselor training to teens.  Then they assist in summer day camps for younger kids.

4.  Volunteering – Help at a food bank as a family, volunteer at a pet hospital, or the Humane Society, assist at a library as a volunteer page, help to lead a class at co-op, etc.  By recording your teen’s hours, volunteering can be made into a homemade elective course.  

5.  Parks Department’s Teen Board – Many parks departments have youth teen boards, who meet regularly to plan activities for younger kids, and that is a way to learn leadership skills.

6.  PoliceExplorers  Many police departments offer this program for high schoolers.  It includes lots of volunteer opportunities and leadership training as well.  Our family friend has been involved it this program for years, and is gaining helpful experience, that may lead directly to a career in law enforcement.


Financial Literacy from a Christian Perspective (Revised Edition 2017)

Financial Literacy - Christian based

Switched On Schoolhouse 9th - 12th



Switched on Schoolhouse -  Essentials of Math Elective 

Oak Meadow

Teaching Textbooks

Algebra 2 A - Teaching Textbooks


Welcome to Homeschool Sports Net, America's Source for Homeschool Sports

Homeschool Sports Network- Click for info and photo credit

YMCA – www.ymca.com  They have a link there that will list all of the YMCAs in the US and will give you a guest pass to one to visit nearby.

11.  SAT PREP 

Here's our favorites for SAT Prep, and some new resources that have popped up since my teen took her test.

 Daily Practice for the New SAT - One question a day, from College Board

 SAT Practice Tests - Take the test on paper, then use your phone to score it.

Khan Academy SAT Prep - They have come together, Khan Academy and the College Board, to provide expert college test practice, working together.  They will give your student personalized practice on the things that they need the most.  Wow!  Wish we had this option when my teen was preparing for her test.  Here is how to link your PSAT scores with Khan Academy, right here. It sounds complicated, but it is really easy to set up. 

Hack the SAT  I liked Hack the SAT because it is so approachable. This author shares tips and how tos for dealing with the types of questions that can stump even well educated students.  And he does this is a very easy to understand manner!  Read more of my review here.

SAT Book Camp - This is by Mr. D at mrd.com.  I have not used this resource, but they offer both SAT and ACT prep.

 SAT Preparation  A site called For Such a Time as This offers curriculum for SAT prep and also for ACT prep, too, specifically for homeschoolers and private schools.  This was recommended to me by a homeschooling mom who also is a college professor.

Free e-books from Prep Scholar They offer many free e-books on the SAT, including 200 vocabulary words to study, and much more.


Switched On Schoolhouse 9th - 12th - With Labs

Home Science Tools

Oak Meadow High School Science Courses

Botany - Plenty O'Plants - EvaVarga 


Oak Meadow American History, World History, and more

Frugal Resources for American History

A Beka Books - State and Local Government Online

Exploring World History - Vol 1, by Notgrass

7 Sisters Social Sciences - Browse their courses here

Time 4 Learning  Online Social Studies

Lesson Plans for Constitutional Literacy


A Successful Approach to Teaching Acting & Directing

Speech and Debate - NCFCA – National Christian Forensics Communication Association – This is the longest standing nonprofit organization that offers speech and debate activities for homeschooled high schoolers.  They meet locally in chapters, compete regionally, and hold a national championship yearly.  Lots of my teen’s homeschool friends participated in this, and loved it.  

Speech 1
Speech 1 - Public Speaking and Practical Life Skills 

Speech 1 includes everything you need to help your teen develop the confidence to speak publicly, including 15 lessons which can easily be expanded to make it a full English credit.  Colleges look for speech in their applicant's transcripts.  Here's a frugal way to get that done for your teen.

Stoa – Christian Homeschool Speech and Debate – This national organization offers Speech Events, Debate Events, and Tournaments here http://www.stoausa.org/  State Organizations are here.  http://www.stoausa.org/about/stoa-state-links

Youth and Government - Speech, Leadership, and Government High School Acitivties, by the YMCA

Youth and Government - My daughter's story at Mock
Youth Legislature is in this article with lots of photos and info on the fun and educational activities offered by Youth and Government, sponsored by the YMCA.

That's all for now!  Please share your favorite resource for high school in the comments!  I joined in with the other veteran homeschool bloggers for this week's blog hop!

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That's all for now!  Please share your favorite resource for high school in the comments!  I joined in with the other veteran homeschool bloggers for this week's blog hop!

To reach all the other posts on for the "100 Things" iHomeschool Network blog hop, just click here.

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