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Do you ever wonder how other families' days gow when they are homeschooling high school?

Today, I'd like to share how we did our days during my daughter's high school years...fitting in core studies, but also making time for other important things like..cookie making, homemade electives and nature study to refresh and renew us.

How did we fit that in, with all the other things that high schoolers need to study?

Well, at our house we both studied hard and played hard.  And it all started with our....

Sunday Night Meetings

Usually, my teen and I would meet on Sunday nights, and make a schedule for the following week, based on what was needed to be accomplished for each core subject.  Then my daughter would write out a rough schedule for her week. 

Prior to meeting, I would make up a list of things that she needed to get done that week.  Then she took that list, and with my help, she would sketch out her week.

Core studies were usually done in the mornings through the early afternoons.  After a break, we often took time for science experiments, writing projects, or electives.  Homeschooling high school took us a lot more time than middle school.  But we still had time for teen-led electives, and we built in the fun, too.

Typically it would go something like this:


Note - Btw, we started early, as the early hours were the best for my teen, not that they are best for other teens, of course.  And this is just what worked for us, sharing to give you a glimpse into how other's might do things.

8am - Meet together to go over the day's studies, and tidy up and               make and eat a simple breakfast together.

Then it was core studies time - Math - SOS from www.aop.com, Science - also SOS from www.aop.com, Social Studies - Oak Meadow or Rainbow Resource, English - Our own course or Oak Meadow

1pm    Lunch Break and PE

2pm    Monday, Wednesday, and Friday 
           Essay writing or Electives

           Tuesday and Thursday
           Science experiment or Electives

3pm   Free Time usually in the afternoons.......................

Evenings - Time for high school activities, if there was one to go to, or dance or gymnastics, depending on the activity that my teen chose for that year.

Later Evenings - Often this was the time to read lit, catch up on the history lesson, or do free reading, or "veg out".



We were usually done by 3pm, if we followed our "typical" schedule.  (When we had Spanish to do, we usually did not do Social Studies that year)  

We did not follow the public school grad requirements for ps teens. Instead we followed our teen's college entrance requirements, and that gave us some time to add in the electives...

Since my teen's college requirements did not include 4 credits of each subject, eg:

.....Social studies - was 3 credits
.....Math - was 3 credits
.....Spanish - was 2 credits

That gave us leeway and time to build in electives, based on my teen's interests.  Having time for these was great for building motivation!  Also, my teen was the decision maker for her projects and writing assignments...... 


Afternoons were for free time, volunteering, going out together for a little relaxed nature study, having friends over, etc.  But since volunteering often didn't fit into this plan, we would change it up and modify it as neede

The way that this all worked was that we built in the fun, and goofed off at least once a week together.  Plus my teen had time to go to friend's houses or out with friends to blow off steam, in the evenings or during the weekends. too, of course.

.Yes, there was a lot of study time.... 

....but when we got bored of hanging out at our house, we headed to a coffee shop, or my teen chose to study at the library, and I got a break, for time to myself.

However, when we got behind we would do a catch up week, and take a whole day to do each core subject, like English on Monday, math on Tuesday, etc. For catch-up weeks, my teen got up early, and did a whole block of one subject each day, allowing for solid studying through the late afternoon.   

And the overall most important thing that we did to make this work was to....


Here's some of the things we did to enjoy the high school years together, and make time for getting to know each other as my teen grew.

During senior year - It was in the spring, a few weeks before her homeschool prom. We had just bought this dress....

We got this at a thrift shop.

After all the excitement of the prom dress...we did some catch up work, but also a lot of goofing off, too.

When it was warm enough to study outside....My teen did!!  

Studying outside makes it so much better!

Once a week we went to Irish Dance practice...I would hang out with my friends, the other irish moms.,....

A chance to hang out with her teen friends.

....And I loved watching her recitals.  At least once a week we piled into the car with our cameras, and headed out for a short country drive.

Then we would stop at a local farm, and get veggies...

I love the farmer's market.

I just love taking pictures and that was something I passed onto my daughter.

And when she went over to a friend's house, I would take some time to myself....and let the housework wait.  At least I tried to do that.  Being a mom to a teen can really be exhausting, don't you agree?
TIme for friends

Here's some photos from our little photography trips... 

Gotta love the beach!

I think that having some 1-on-1 time is so important to our children as teens, especially as they begin to widen their horizons.  And it is not only the babies that don't keep.......  I know!

My "kiddo" is a senior in college now.  And getting busier and busier.  But we are still fast friends.  We still go out with our cameras....when she can.

Great blue heron

But now that my teen is so busy with college, I am SO glad that we did high school at home and built in that 1 on 1 time.  Do you know, I even miss the teaching her to drive times????

It has built so many great memories!  I wish that for you and your family, too.  My you be richly blessed with meaningful time together during the high school years at home.


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Homeschooling high school yielded us so many gifts, for my daughter, for our family, and for her high school education.

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