Why I Am Thankful for Being a Homeschooling Mom

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Here at BJ's Homeschool, I usually share about our homeschooling activitie, academics and the like.  But today, I'd like to share something different....why I am thankful for being a homeschool mom.

There are so many reasons why I am thankful for having homeschooled for the last 15 years.  And in honor of spring, I have also gathered up some of my family's favorite photos from our nature road trips....

Are you a nature-oriented family, too?

For Easter last year, my husband and I got together with our daughter, now a college junior, and her friend, and enjoyed a wonderful meal together. (Our extended family is a continent away..)

We did an ethnic celebration this year.  You see, my daughter's favorite food is east indian food.  Every week, when we could afford it, I would take my daughter to our local indian restaurant for lunch.  

When she was little, my daughter who has some sensory issues, was a very, very picky eater.  All she wanted to eat was soft foods, like macaroni and cheese, every day.  But she learned to like rice.  So I often took her to our little east indian restaurant, where she enjoyed her rice, and gradually added in other foods, too, like chicken curry.  

You see, it was also a soft food. This helped her to expand her food choices so well, that it became one of our favorite homeschool traditions!

I am thankful that I could build in activities during our homeschool day, that met these individual needs, with food, and everything else. 

And the fact that my daughter was a picky eater, ended up adding a lot of  variety of foods for our family.  Above, is one of my daughter's new favorites, tandori chicken.  

And what does she want to do in the fall...but go on a "field trip" with him, to pick out a pumpkin...at the same place we used to go to for our fall homeschool field trip.....

Nature Road Trips - I love how homeschooling gave us ample time to explore my daughter's interests, and to pass on our love of nature...

We gave my daughter a camera, when she was 8....

....and she's been taking pictures ever since.  I loved teaching her about this favorite hobby of mine, through the years.  It even became a high school elective.

My husband is always snapping pictures of the mountain, Mount Rainier....

I also love that my husband was a part of our daughter's education, from the start.  She still seeks him out for his wise counsel, as she decides on possible life tracks, and future possibilities.

I love taking pictures of the trees.....tall and serene....

...and full of glorious colors in the fall....

I am thankful that my daughter still wants to do these nature photo trips with us...to the city and...

..............out to rivers and streams....

...stopping to watch the salmon come back to spawn........

I am so grateful that this love of nature has stuck with her.... It's in her heart.

Homeschooling taught my daughter, not only to love learning, but to know that she could make mistakes, too..........

She tends to be a perfectionist, like her mom.  We are learning the value of the journey, and that the joy is found along it's path.... 

....helping to build relationships, that continue strong through the college years... with wondrous surprises along the way....

But there are also twists and turns along the way.  The homeschooling road is not an easy one.  All the hard work of finding the resources and strategies that fit, then changing them again, when they don't...., correcting math work, finding a rhythm for our days,  dealing with the annual testing required in our state, and all those rainy afternoons... it all has a cost.  

But the homeschooling journey builds so much more than just an education.  It builds family.  And isn't homeschooling the best way to build a kiddo as well!  The road ever beckons.....

I am so glad that we homeschooled....Yes, I became a mama taxi some days...and sometimes that left me dazed....and so tired.  

But the memories that we built through her homeschool activities, and those high school activities, and the lifetime friends that we have made, through the years...They are priceless...

May you find joy in your homeschool journey....one day at a time, sometimes one moment at a time...

It is all worth it!

Happy Spring to all of you, and your precious families, too.   What makes you thankful for being a homeschooling mom?  What challenges you?  Please share in the comments.

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  1. Thanks for sharing all of these lovely pictures. I want to homeschool my kids when they get older and this post was an encouragement!

  2. I am so glad to hear that, +Healing Mama, and thanks for stopping by! We have so enjoyed taking these photos together, as a family. Have a good week, with your kiddos,

  3. Great photos. I am grateful to be a homeschool mom for 29 years now. Thanks for the encouraging post.

    1. Thanks, +HeartofWisdom, for sharing your nice comments! Wow, 29 years....so I am just a newbie!! lol Enjoy your kids and have a blessed week!

  4. love the photos that you shared what a beautiful place. Your reasons are worthy as well and so very inspiring and encouraging

  5. Thank you, Angie Church, for your kind comments! I hope that I am an encouragement to homeschooling families, who are in the midst of the busy, craziness, and loveliness of the homeschooling years. Have a wonderful day with your kiddos!

  6. I love the picture of the tall trees, and the one under the tree. And I agree, there are so many good reasons to choose homeschooling.

  7. Those are my favorite pictures, too Melanie Thomas. I just love trees..... We have planted many on our property. So nice of you to stop by and take the time to comment! Have a good Wednesday!

  8. The nature photos are beautiful! It's important to take time to be thankful - a lot of us don't do it enough! Thanks for sharing at the Thoughtful Spot!

    1. Happy to share at the Thoughtful Spot, Emma! It is always full of great ideas for kids. Thanks for stopping by,

  9. Those pictures are beautiful! What a fun thing to instill in your child a love of nature and appreciation.

    Thanks for linking up at Bloggers Spotlight Link and Pin-It Party! Your post was pinned to our group board.

    1. I will be heading over the the Bloggers Spotlight and Pin-It Party again this week, Hil D! Thanks so much for pinning my post to your group board. Wishing you a great week,

  10. So encouraging and heart warming. Thank you for sharing.

  11. Thank you, Mother of 3, that is so nice to hear. Wishing your joy in your week,


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