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Today, I am sharing how we fixed up our homeschool space for my high schooler.  We had a lot of fun doing this together.  I wanted her to have a cozy place to study, and she was looking forward to having it in her own room.  We didn't have a desk in the house, so we set about making one.

Making a Desk

 Here it is, below...

We combined a small chest of drawers with a wooden table, that we already had.  Then we went to Goodwill, together, and looked around for a desk shelf.  

Can you see the fish rug on the floor above?  It was made from a puzzle, that my teen put together, then just added a layer of clear packing tape.  By the way, our kitten ran in while I was taking this picture, so he was a surprise addition to it...!

We then, found a desk chair at a garage sale. After that, my daughter went about decorating it with her favorite things. She put in her touches, to make it her own.  I loved how she kept one of her stuffed penguins, and found a place for it, in her high school desk area.

Can you see the penguin here?  She also stores our printer on her desk, one that we found used from a computer shop.  

Next, my teen did some simple redecorating, along the walls of her room.  She took down her old things, and updated them with her new finds, including this one....

The Reading Nook

Well, we decided that we also needed to redo the reading nook. This was a little reading area, was and here's how we used it, when she was young. 

 It used to have a large stuffed whale pillow on it!  Of course, that went by the way......  

My daughter decided to use the same bookshelves, and remake it into a teen reading space....

Next, we went shopping for school supplies, getting what was needed for certain subjects, like a protractor for math, along with lots of spiral notebooks.  We bought three for each subject.  We gathered together all the supplies and books needed for each subject, and just put them into a box.

Our Workboxing Method

We used the spiral notebooks for her written work, such as essay drafts, math problems, taking notes on a history text, etc.  That way, we didn't have the problem of losing and having to find this paper and that.

It was our version of the workboxing method...I know it is not truly workboxing, but it was our way of doing it!  And. later, when my daughter started college, she took the concept of workboxing, with her to college, and it helped her alot!  

That's how we set up things for high school.

Of course, the desk was not the only place where she would study....But it was a favorite place to study, next to going to the coffee shop!  

And then there's all the fun, high school activities that our kids can do, too!

And, our nature studies, of course, always took us outside, to  explore the pacific northwest through mini-road trips. Sometimes my teen "took me", as she was practicing her driving skills....

And now, my previously very neat and tidy one, will finally let herself get muddy....yes!

Thanks for stopping by, to see where our homeschooling high school happened...and, as you know,

At a video-making contest

Homeschooling happens everywhere!

I love reading your comments.  Where is your teen's favorite place to homeschool?

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  1. I have a kiddo heading into high school as well. You have given me some great ideas to try. I agree, he is going to need his own space for the journey. I am curious about the work boxing. I am going to read in to that. My son is pretty organized, but anything that can assist him in NOT losing papers would be a blessing!

    1. My daughter would tend to lose papers, too! We used spiral notebooks, instead of loose papers. Then my daughter would use the spiral notebooks, one or two for each subject, and do all her notetaking, math problems, whatever, directly in the spiral notebooks. We also had a box for each subject, and we stored the spiral notebooks there, along with any special supplies for that subject, like protractors, etc. Here is the link to my post on workboxing..how my daughter took that idea with her to college---http://betsyhomeschoolconsulting.blogspot.com/2015/07/our-homeschool-room-for-high-school.html. Please stop by again, and share any other ideas that you come up with. Thanks, Kay, for stopping by and commenting!

  2. Fun! I'd love to hear more about the workboxing concept for college! I think my favorite part of her workspace is the stuffed penguin. ;)

    1. Thanks, Jamie of See Jamie blog for stopping by! Here is the link to my post on "Workboxing to College".----http://betsyhomeschoolconsulting.blogspot.com/2015/07/our-homeschool-room-for-high-school.html. It explains the simple system which my daughter came up with, for organizing her paperwork at college. She just set up a file system, which she put into a packet, with taps for each subject, and placed all of her assignments and each course syllabus there. .l also wanted to share that we also adopted, and my daughter is from the cantonese area of China, near Hong Kong. We adopted her when she was 1 year old, and it has been a wondrous journey. I enjoy reading about your journey on See Jamie blog. And there is nothing like having a penguin at your side, while studying....:)

  3. Hi Betsy! Thank you for linking up with the Hearts for Home Blog Hop. I chose this post as one of my favorites from last time and am featuring it on this week’s post and pinning to Pinterest. Feel free to stop by and grab the “I Was Featured” button and add another link! http://www.mylearningtable.com/hearts-for-home-blog-hop-july-23-2015/

  4. Thanks for featuring BJ's Homeschool on the Hearts for Home Blog Hop, Anne Campbell, of The Learning Table! I am honored.

  5. I know so many who homeschool and this would be great info for them to use. Thanks for sharing!

  6. Super, Jamie Tomkins! I hope this gives them some helpful ideas for their high schoolers, and thanks for stopping by, and sharing that with me.

  7. This is a great, functional space! I like your setup better than a traditional desk! Feel free to link up with us this week for the PTMU... making some changes so a new one goes up tomorrow too ;) http://branson365.blogspot.com/2015/11/parentteachermeetup-week-9-some-changes.html

  8. Thanks, Branson Merrill! I so enjoyed making it with my daughter, and seeing the special touches that she made to it, too. It has been a big help in her studies....to have a space that she made, and that she finds comfy and nice to work in. Thanks for hosting the #parentteachermeetup!


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