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Do you have a young learner who is eager to learn to read? Are you looking for a good, easy-to-use, phonics program?  How about a well-researched phonics program?  

Explode the Code offers all of these, and it is a great way to introduce phonics and improve your child's reading skills at any level.

In our homeschool, we started off with the Explode the Code Primers, when my daughter was five.  She loved working in her these books!   First thing in the morning, she would ask for her Explode the Code book.

 All three Primers make a complete introduction to phonics for your young learners!

The Primers series includes:
  • Get Ready for The Code (Book A)
  • Get Set for The Code (Book B)
  • Go for the Code (Book C)

 Each primer introduces the following - a group of consonants, and..... 
 .....click here to read more

The Primers prepared my daughter for the first official book in this series, Explode the Code, Book 1.

It was also full of the child drawn illustrations that had already caught my daughter’s eye. Meanwhile, she was learning all her phonics skills!  Each lesson followed the.same pattern that........
......click here to read more about this book and online options too.

Continue with Explode the Code, to build your child into a strong reader, all the way through elementary!  That's what we did.  

Explode the Code continues to develop your child's reading skills each year, step by step, teaching more advanced phonics.

Explode the Code is a phonics based program I consider invaluable in helping my daughter learn to read!

For more information, or to purchase the printed workbooks, please click here.  

Now she is a senior in college, and reading all those college research articles and long text assignments is not a problem for her.  Having a strong foundation in phonics and reading, early on, was a big part of preparing her for this.

Thanks for the feature!

What do you like to use for phonics in your homeschool?  I enjoy reading your comments!

Happy Homeschooling,


Betsy is a writer, blogger, and is so blessed to be mom to her 18 yo newbie college student. She blogs at BJ's Homeschool about high schoolcollegeand the early years, too.  Betsy also offers homeschool help here 

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  1. These look fantastic for beginning readers! I love that they helped you with your daughter! Thank you so much for sharing this at the #SHINEBlogHop!

  2. Thanks, Echo A, from the #SHINEBlogHop, for your nice comments! This really helped my daughter to learn to read, and to continue to improve her reading skills, through their 6th grade books, too!

  3. For phonics I have a 350 page workbook for my daughter "Complete Canadian Reading - Grade 1". She works in it most days. It's colourful and appealing looking, so that my daughter wants to do, which is always important. Thanks for linking this up to the Learning Kid Link-Up. I enjoy learning about new curriculum and homeschooling ideas.

    1. Thanks, Melanie Thomas, for sharing your success with Complete Canadian Reading, Grade 1. And thanks for stopping by!


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