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SUMMARY:  This article is all about transcripts, and 6 steps to making your teen's homeschool transcripts, how to make your teen's transcripts, calculate their GPA, what to include in the homeschool transcripts, how many pages to the homeschool transcript, plus frugal resources for transcripts, sample transcripts and more.

Are you wondering about how you might go about making with your teen's transcripts?  Or are you in the midst of getting them done this fall so your teen can apply to college?

When my daughter was in 9th grade, I was quite nervous about approaching the colleges as a homeschool mom.  

The thing that worried me was making those transcripts.  So I went about doing some research on that, and came up with a step by step guide for me to follow.  It was a help to me and I hope that it will be a help to you, too.  

Knowing what to put on my daughter's homeschool transcripts was a big part of her getting into college.  

Next Gen Homeschool says...."Betsy provides a valuable hot-to for stress-free homeschool transcripts for your teens preparing for college."  So let's get started....

Here are 6 key steps to doing your teen's transcripts, and through that, you are showcasing your student to college admissions...

1.  First, let's start with a definition of transcripts, from our friends at HSLDA:

"Transcripts are a record of the courses your child completed in high school, the credit he earned for each course, and each course's final grade. Transcripts also include personal information used for identification purposes and, usually, a grade point average (GPA)." 

2.  What should be included in the homeschool transcript?

The Homeschool Transcript 

It is to include all courses and studies your student has done, in the home and out.  It is the place to compile all courses, including those from a community college. 

Be sure to choose a name, like Johns Academy, instead of Learning and Growing School, as that actually helps to lend a serious tone to your transcript, and that is what the colleges are looking for.
    • School name and address, phone number 
    • Name of student, DOB
    • ALL courses from 9th, 10th, 11th, and 12th grade years, with grades and credits earned  (One year study = 1 high school credit.  One semester = 1/2 credit)
    • Add in any community college courses, dual enrollment, any online courses, etc, as the homeschool transcript should include everything taken, so the college can see it all in one place.
    • Scores from SAT or ACT.  Chose the highest scores and list them on your transcript.
    • Student's graduation date and GPA - grade point average
    • Parent signature with a date.
    ---------------------------------------From HSLDA & Let's Homeschool High School: ---------------

    3. What should the transcript look like?  

    Sample Transcripts

    -  If you go to the HSLDA High School-Transcripts, scroll down to HSLDA Sample Transcript, then click on Completed Transcript Example.  There are others there to check out, too.

  • HSLDA Sample Transcripts
  • - See more at:
    -  I have a sample transcript in my book, below.  

    4.  Where can I find a downloadable transcript form?

    Note - I recommend putting your transcript all on one page, if possible. That is what the colleges are used to seeing.  

    Also, activities, awards, and honor societies don't need to be on the transcript, as there will be space for those important things on the actual college application itself.  That is also helpful to the admissions folks.

  • HSLDA Sample Transcripts

  • I have a transcript form that is editable in my book called which is on Amazon.   Step by step directions are included, and it can be downloaded.

    It is just like the transcript form that my daughter used when she applied to college.  This is the type of transcript that the colleges are used to seeing.

    There are other transcript forms available on the web, and also at HSLDA.

    5.  What about calculating credits?

    All of your teen's courses are to be included in the homeschool transcript. 

    a.  For High School courses, whether they are in your homeschool, at co-op, or online:  Follow this rule:

    One year of study = 1 high school credit.  
    One semester = 1/2 credit

    b.  Dual Credit - Generally, a one-semester three-credit college course is equal to a year-long one-credit high school course. 

    For dual credit courses, mark them with a star or an asterisk, and note that they were dual credit at the bottom of the form.  

    Then the homeschool transcript can serve as a clearinghouse for everything that your teen did as far as courses.  The colleges like that.  That way, the colleges can see everything that was done on one page.

    6.  What about sending out other transcripts, such as from a community college?  Is that necessary?

    For any courses that were done outside the home, such as community college courses or public school ones, ask them to send official transcripts directly to the colleges, in addition to the homeschool transcript that you will send.  

    If your student earned credit from somewhere else, the colleges will want to see that transcript as well.  For outside credits earned, they will want to see an official transcript, sent directly to them.

    7.  Are there frugal resources for transcripts?

    Frugal Helps for Homeschool Transcripts

    Do you want some help compiling the transcripts?  This post above includes 5 frugal resources to help you do your transcripts.  

    If you would like more tips on transcripts and more....

    Check out my frugal book!

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    It is simply laid out, one step at a time, to make the whole homeschool to college thing approachable and NOT hard to do!

    This frugal and easy to use workbook consists of 10 chapters, covering all the important details including credits, transcripts, curriculum, dealing with the college entrance essay and more.

    In addition, each chapter has 1 or more forms to go with it, that match that chapter.

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    Do you have advice for other families who are doing their high school transcripts?  Or do you have a question or concern about yours?  Please share in the comments or send me an IM.  It is a pleasure to read your comments.

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