Handwriting Helps, P. 2 - Teach Your Kids 2 Write

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Handwriting Helps - part 2
Teaching Your Kids to Write

If you have been following my series on Handwriting Helps, you already know about the fun fine motor activities, discussed in Handwriting Helps - part 1.  These activities help to develop the small muscles of the hand, key for little writers.

Today, I'd like to share how I taught my daughter to write her letters, and then progress, to copywork, writing her own sentences, and more! 

Step 1 - Introducing the A,B,C's

We introduced the ABC's through fun alphabet books from the library.  You know, those books that start with "A is for Apple", etc, with lovely photos to go with them.

Sometimes we made the letters out of clay.  I also got my daughter a set of magnet letters for the frig.  She loved rearranging them into little designs.  And through her play, she learned the shapes of the letters.

Step 2 - Writing the ABC's

from Melissa and Doug Storytelling Paper

We used a variety of activities to help my little one learn to form her letters....including writing on the chalkboard, practicing writing the letters in the air, making letter shapes in fingerpainting, even using pudding!  I gave my daughter a lot of time to explore the shapes, and learn her letters.  Once she could write the letters of the alphabet, she was ready to put her words into action.

Step 3- Homemade Drawing/Copywork

Once my daughter could write her letters, I got out some very wide lined paper, which had a blank space on half of it, for coloring and drawing.  I found this paper at my local teacher's store, but it can also be ordered online at MelissaAndDoug for just a few dollars.

We always started with drawing first.  Making a picture is a natural way for kids to communicate.


So first, I would ask my daughter to draw a picture.  Often it was something that she had done the day before, or a favorite animal, or two.  Then she would tell me about it.  


I listened to her words, then I would write down a few of her words, so she could copy them onto the lines below.  

Not only was she practicing her writing, she was also using her words to communicate!  

She was so proud of her work!  And that was the very beginning of story writing!
Your child is a budding author, too!! 

Once she could copy her words onto the widely spaced paper, then she was ready to copy sentences.

Note - See the writing in the page above?  Neatness and staying in the lines will come, but often it takes a LOT of practice, and I suggest not focusing so much on precision and neatness.  My goal was always that the letters be legible.

The important thing
to me was that my daughter was using her writing to communicate. 

Later, when she became bored with her homemade drawing/copywork, and when the actual writing became easier, she was ready to move to the Draw Write Now handwriting books.  I did not rush her.  Slowly, at her pace, that was the way to go..... 

Step 4: Draw Write Now


I was delighted when I first found Draw Write NowSo, now, I'd like to share with you this great handwriting/art program. 

"When we opened the book together, we saw that each lesson included a shape or animal to draw, and a short story to copy.  My daughter's handwriting greatly improved from doing this easy to teach program".....click here to read more of my review.....of Draw, Write Now, with links!

This added an important ingredient in any handwriting program -  FUN! 

For more info, check out the other parts to this series on handwriting:

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If your child has trouble grasping her pencil, you might like to check out Handwriting Helps - part 3 (above), with info on The Starter Pencil Kit.  It is also from the great folks at Draw Your World. 

The more relaxed your child is, the better they will write.

These days, my "little one" is at college, writing college essays!  

But it all started with Draw Write Now.
My kid is at college!

Thanks so much for stopping by! 

 What things help your child to write, and enjoy themselves while they are doing it?  I love reading your comments.

Happy Homeschooling,


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  1. Another great post to inspire us in our homeschool journey! I admit, this program looks like fun :)
    Glad you were able to link up on last week's "Inspired By Me Mondays"; please come & link up some more posts on this week's (Monday to Friday) www.parentingandhomeschoolinginfaith.com We'd love to have you!!

    1. Thanks for the kind comments, +Rachael DeBruin! I enjoy linking up to the Inspired By Me Mondays blog hop! We loved doing the Draw Write Now writing/art books.

  2. I really appreciate this post! My two oldest are in public school right now, but we are working towards a possible transition to homeschooling. I have really struggled with the way the girls are learning to form their letters in school. Some of it is completely different than when I was in school. I am excited to look around your site some more!

    1. Thanks for your kind comment, Stephanie K, and I am glad that this post was helpful to you. I have a page, called the Early Years, that you might like to check out. I so enjoyed homeschooling my daughter, especially during the early years. Have a good week,

  3. Perfect post to show how the natural progression of writing should be.

  4. Thanks for stopping by, Autismland Penny! I hope that this post on early writing will be an encouragement to those who are struggling with handwriting. I hope that you have a wonderful week!

  5. I love this post! Fantastic! I am a big proponent of writing, and writing well. I think it develops so many important skills - and also expectations (of what is neat and so forth). I love that you started with Read, Write, Now, and now she is in college writing.

    What a great post!

    Thanks so much for sharing, Betsy!

  6. Thanks Lisa Nelson, for stopping by! I hope that this post will encourage others to help their children to learn to write and love it! And thanks to you for hositng the #homeschoollinkup!

  7. Definitely helpful for those just starting out! Featured you on Mom's Library this week!

  8. Thanks, Ashley, for your kind comments! And for featuring me on Mom's Library - which always has so many helpful resources and ideas to share!


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