Making a " Dorm Room at Home"

This week was all about fixing up a "dorm room at home", as my  my always homeschooled daughter begins commuting to college.  I am pleased that she is starting college gradually, with just one class,.... before she takes on a full college load.  This is similar to how we always started our homeschooling, one subject at a time, each fall.  And most colleges offer this option, with an intro class held prior to the actual start of college. That gives us time to redo her room into something more like a college dorm room at home.

Monday, we began work on that. Here's how the desk set up worked out...

We combined a small chest of drawers, with a wooden table that we had already, and found the desk shelf at Goodwill. My daughter also has a printer, that we bought used from a computer shop. She added favorite touches to her desk, to make it her own. Then she took down her old things, from her walls, and updated them with her new finds, including this one....

To update her bookshelf area, she will be clearing out some of her old favorites, to make room for her new books.  

We already had the blanket and a large pillow make a nice place for reading and relaxing....We are looking for a thicker pad to add to it soon.

Then we collected all the important papers, files, and notebooks, from homeschooling high school, and stored them away in their boxes, that we got from a local sewing store.

Meanwhile, I found some time to garden this week, and was happy to see that our tomatoes are turning red....

The lettuse was planted a few weeks ago from seed a few weeks. I am planning to try fall onions, lettuse, and peppers this year, as I hear that these can grow well in later months, in the Pacific NW.  We'll see!

Then Thursday, my daughter turned in her first college written assignment, and was glad to have it all done.  Her homeschool english courses, from Oak Meadow, helped to prepare her well for this college work. She had taken a lit and composition course from them each year, during high school.  Oak Meadow offers a number of  high school english courses to choose from.  

Thursday, I had lots of time to blog and write, so I started my second post on the college essay.  I am also looking up related links and resources to add to it.  There is a chapter on how to write the college essay, for admission in my book, mentioned below.

Then Friday, we all headed out to the my husband had the weekend off.  I loved walking on the boardwalk along puget sound, and watching the sunset....

The next day, we took advantage of a kayak rental, and both my teen and my husband headed out...

It was the first time for my daughter, and she didn't want to ever out of her kayak, lol! I loved taking the pictures!  My husband didn't want any....

So that's what's was happening in our week.  How did your week go?  Are your homeschooling plans looking like a good fit?  If you would like to bounce some ideas off of someone, I am continuing to offer homeschool help here .

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