Homeschooling in Washington - Our Law and Support

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    My family has been homeschooling in Washington State for 14 years now.  Our homeschool law is very homeschool friendly, and there is a lot of homeschool support here, too. Homeschooling in Washington rocks!

     Today, I am sharing resources on our law, and all the good support that our state has to offer.  SO here goes........
    For info on our Washington State Homeschooling 
    Law, go to
    This is our statewide organization, which we all call WHO, which
    offers legislative information, introductory packets for new
     homeschoolers, and information on our law at  Homeschool Laws .

    2. There is also a brief description of our state 
    homschool law at Christian Heritage. They also offer 
    Parent Qualifying Courses. 
    Washington homeschoolers also file an Intent to 
    Homeschool every year. For information on this, click 
    on the WHO website link above.

    Homeschool Support Groups

    For information on our Homeschool Support Association, click hereHSA is a non-profit organization dedicated to supporting families through opportunities, education, activities, and  field trips. Their facebook group is called HSA HomeschoolersTheir Yahoo Group is at HSA-loop @ Yahoo

    This organization is made up of homeschooling families in the Puget Sound area.  Live Meet Up chapters are located in Burien, Enumclaw, Federal Way, Issaquah, Kent/Covington, Normandy Park, Pierce Co., and Renton. 

     More Support Groups

    1. Teen Events@ Auburn Library

    2.  Maple Valley Covington Homeschool Group  is a Facebook group that offers park days, field trips, and weekly play times.

    To reach info on our Homeschooling Co-ops, click on Support Groups & Co-Ops


    Washington Homeschoolers test or do assessments each year, starting at age 8.  Here are four resources for getting this done: 

    Our Homeschool Convention

    Every year, we all gather at our statewide homeschool convention!  For more information, just click on  our WHO Convention.

     Nature Study/Field Trips

    For ideas on nature oriented field trips, click on Stay-cation in Seattle, full of fun ideas to get your kids into nature. 

    Homeschool Help

     This can be as simple as asking a few questions and/or any of these:

    1.  How do I Get Started Homeschooling?

    2.  Choosing  Curriculum

    3.  Adapting things to fit my child's needs.  
    4.  Homeschooling Styles
     5. Am I doing enough?

    6. What about Special Needs?

    7.  Homeschooling High School
     8.  Aiming towards College
      9.Washington State Homeschooling

    I work with families from all over.  Facebook messages are free.  To reach me or for more info, please click here.

     Thanks for stopping by!  Are you not from Washington?  No problem.  This post is linked to the blog hop at Homeschooling State by State, where there are many resources from all around the US.   And I work with families from all over, too.

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