A Rooster and a Prom Dress

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Homeschooling high school is so much more than core studies!
It;s also about getting out for nature study, 1 on 1's with your teen, and this week, it was all about a rooster and a prom dress.

While we homeschooled, we also applied to college.  My daughter received acceptances from all the colleges that she applied to.  So, if you are wondering about the college option....be encouraged.  

Our May deadline:

May first was our deadline for my teen's college decision.  We needed to register my teen, get an online student account, and respond to any financial aid/scholarship offers.  This was really important. If we had forgotten to notify them by May first, we would not have received their financial help. 

Then we were more than ready to leave the college thing behind, and spend the week relaxing, and generally goofing off.....and, boy did we both need it! 

Big decisions call for big time rest and play!

And other important things like shopping, bird watching and anything else that would help us to de-stress!  We set our studies aside for most of this week....and headed out.

High Schoolers Play, too:

Our first stop was our favorite local coffee shop, to get a cup of coffee for me, and bubble tea for my teen.

We picked up pop cans for my daughter's recycling project, which she calls Cans for Cats . This is a small service project that I'll be sharing about in a later post.....

Then we stopped and bought some flowers,

...... and planted them, to set out on our deck.  I love planting flowers, my teen, not so much, but she enjoys watering them.  And my husband loves to watch them grow.

Then, Tuesday, we spent our time at home, reading and trying to get photos of the birds at our feeder.

I love to watch the birds as they drink from our little birdbath.

I feel so privileged to have these beautiful creatures nearby.

Wednesday my teen had a neighbor friend over.  It's no longer called a playdate, but what do you call a teenager having a friend over anyway?....SO nice and relaxing for me to hear their laughter!  I am happy that we have had another homeschool family nearby, all these years.

Time for Nature:

Thursday, we took some time for studies in the morning, then headed out to my favorite local lake. It is only about 8 miles from home, but it feels like it is in the wild....as it is surrounded by trees,  the homes around it are hidden from view.

It was wonderful to just sit quietly and watch the movement of the water, and listen to the gentle wind blowing through the trees.

Nothing like getting out in nature, even for just an hour, close to home, to feel renewed.  

We were treated to a visit from a canadian goose...so
my daughter took a picture:


She got down low and sat really still, not to scare the goose. I loved watching her take this picture, and I am so glad that she loves of nature.  

And what better way to teach a love of nature than homeschooling?

Buying the Prom Dress:

Friday, we had some grocery shopping to do. I found some things to make an easy dinner at home.  Then my daughter reminded me that we needed to find her a dress for her homeschool prom. Oh, my!  I had forgotten that, with all the busyness of choosing a college!

We went shopping at a department store, and looked around but didn't find anything.  I am so glad that we didn't find anything there! Then my teen suggested we stop by Goodwill. Now, that's an idea!  And we found this:

My teen was really pleased to find a number of dresses to choose from at Goodwill.  And I was, too!
I am pleased that she likes to shop there, and has picked up some frugal habits along the way.  

And the Rooster?

On the way home, we stopped by a local feed store to get some birdseed.  This used to be a favorite place to go to, when my daughter was little, to say hi to the baby chicks.  

My teen surprised me by asking to check out the baby chicks again. They were all sold today, but we did find a rooster. So nice to see her enjoy that!

My daughter  carefully took this picture, and talked to the rooster at the same time.
I am so glad that my almost 18 year old is not too big to still enjoy the special little things in life, while she prepares to step out into the world! 

A rooster and bought a prom dress, all in the same day!

That about wraps up our week.  My teen just pulled out her computer today, so it looks like she will be ready to resume her studies next week, planning to finish up my the end of May.

What's been happening at your house this week?  I so enjoy hearing from you in the comments....

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  1. Exciting times in your neck of the woods! The prom dress is smashing!
    Blessings, Dawn

    1. Thanks, Dawn! I'll share your comment with my daughter. Thanks for stoppng by, and have a wonderful day!

  2. I'm visiting from Weekly Wrapup. Lovely dress! We had college tours this weekend also. What an adventure.

    1. Thanks for stopping by from the Weekly Wrapup...I enjoy all the good ideas from their blog hop each week! And congratulations on your college journey, and college tours. That is such an exciting time. My best to you as you venture forth! And I am so glad that were able to find the prom dress at Goodwill!

  3. Thanks for linking up! I love this post. :)

  4. Thank you, Anne Campbell, owner of The Learning Table, for hosting Hearts for Home. My daughter has her homeschool prom tonight, and it was so fun to help her get ready for it. Have a great weekend with your boys!

  5. I love the dress from goodwill! It is lovely and was probably only a fraction of the cost of department store dresses.

    The rooster is adorable, I am glad you had a chance to stop by a favorite store and enjoy the beauty of animals with her again before she is ready for college.

    Thank you for stopping by the Thoughtful Spot Weekly Blog Hop this week. We hope to see you drop by our neck of the woods next week!

  6. Thanks, Jill R. for stopping by, and sharing your thoughts with us! I love checking all the great posts on The Thoughtful Spot blog hop! My daughter just had her graduation ceremony last week, and it was wonderful. Have a great day,

  7. I'm becoming addicted to your weekly wrap-ups! We are working on dual enrollment for the fall for my oldest daughter. Ended up sick and missing some meetings. Hoping and praying to still get everything done in time. She is excited and nervous! My kids LOVE goodwill shopping and they will browse the formal dress section just for fun! We got a lovely red one for my youngest daughter's piano recital similar to the style your daughter found. It is such a blessing to have these resources! Your daughter looks lovely in her dress :-)

  8. Love your comments, The Faithful Homeschooler, and thanks for stopping by! Good luck with your dual enrollment classes. Isn't Goodwill amazing, so many beautiful dresses for our teens! I bet your daughter;s piano recital dress will be smashing! My daughter had such a nice time at her prom. Thanks again for your nice comment.

  9. I think it was great that you found a pretty prom dress at Goodwill. I will have to remember that in four to five years. My daughter is 13. I call their get togethers social time? :)

    1. Oh, the fun of watching my daughter go to homeschool prom! Thanks for stopping by,

  10. That prom dress is beautiful and your daughter is quite the talented photographer!

    1. Thanks, Mother of 3! How is your day going? I loved going out to take pictures with my daughter, through the years, and, yes, she has become quite a photographer...and loves it, even now in college, she is out and about, looking for eagles to capture on film!


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