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We found Oak Meadow Curriculum early on in our homeschooling, and loved using it for many years.

When my 2e daughter was five, she loved to work with her hands. So when I looked for a first grade curriculum, I wanted one that was very hands on. 

I was delighted when I found Oak Meadow – First Grade – full of hands on activities, beautiful art, and lots of resources for her early learning. 

I love how it is so rich in art....and crafts, too.

Art is included in almost every subject, even math!

For math, little hand drawn gnomes were used to teach concepts. 

Beautiful drawings in the shape of each letter are used for teaching the ABCs.  

Each letter is unique and beautiful, like this one:

Each letter of the alphabet had a unique drawing like this!
B is for Bear, and the child gets to draw one!
This approach gave my daughter a nice, gentle introduction to elementary academics.

The Oak Meadow First Grade curriculum consists of the teacher's manual, easy to follow lesson plans and the core curriculum, hands-on, all rolled into one!  

Here's some of the books that were included in their lessons.  (They could be gotten from the library, instead of purchasing from Oak Meadow.)


Each of the 36 weekly lesson plans were all laid out for me.  I was ready to go!  I could follow the lessons as they were written out, or adapt them as needed for my own child.  I liked how they were clearly written without requiring me to do extra prep.  Each lesson included the following:

- Circle Time ideas
- Language Arts
- Movement
- Early Math....which uses these pnomes to introduce addition, subtraction, etc.


- Simple Science - animals, nature oriented
- Social Studies - like making calenders
- Crafts

Please click here to read more and my entire review of Oak Meadow's first grade program, including how we used it in our own homeschool.  

For information on finding used Oak Meadow curriculum, click here to reach Oak Meadow Seconds.

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