Oak Meadow First Grade - My Review

We found Oak Meadow Curriculum early on in our homeschooling. When my daughter was six, she loved to work with her hands. So when I looked for a first grade curriculum, I wanted one that was very hands on. I was delighted when I found Oak Meadow – First Grade –  full of hands on activities, beautiful art, and lots of resources for every subject!

I love how Oak Meadow First Grade is so rich in art......Here, my daughter is showing the joy of it....

...... Art is included in almost every subject! For math, little hand drawn gnomes were used to teach concepts. Beautiful drawings in the shape of each letter used for the ABCs. This approach gave my daughter a nice, gentle introduction to elementary academics!
To read my complete review, which gives you a picture of  how we used OM FIrst Grade in our home, click here.

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