Youth and Government - Being a Mock Legislator!

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Is your teen interested in leadership or politics?

Youth and Government is a YMCA sponsored activity that teaches teens about state government, hands on.  And it does this through  activities, where the students act as if they are legislators, and learn to write and debate their own mock bills. 

They meet in the Youth Mock Legislature every year.  There participants gather together from around the state.  My daughter's local delegation is full of homeschoolers, and most groups meet in their local YMCA's, who sponsor it.

Youth Legislature Conference

The picture above was taken at our statewide Youth Legislature conference.... Here, 400 teens converged on our state capital, for Youth and Government's model government program. 

The teens met in our state's legislative building,.... such a privilege.

First they met in committees to debate their mock bills, following the requirements for state bills.....

My initially shy daughter, soon had the opportunity to lead this committee.  What a great way to learn and develop self confidence!  Bills were debated enthusiastically....

Everyone got a chance to present, and debate their own bills in the large sessions, if they got through committee.  Here, my teen  debated her friend's mock bill....

We have enjoyed watching our daughter grow from a young teen, who avoided public speaking, to someone who loves to debate, and hold office.

There was a formal ball, the last evening ...

The next day, all the teens from our local delegation gathered, with family, for an end of the session luncheon...

And the best thing is that my teen gets to go back next year, as a College Ambassador.

This program offered leadership experiences, and training in speech and debate, that can be listed on a college applications. 

Youth and Government is offered in 34 states around the country

YMCAYouth and Government - Wikipedia  Check out their list of  34 State programs

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