Going from High School to College - How to Get Started

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This week was all about college, and watching my daughter go to her full time classes for the first time.  It helped me that she started with just one class, the last few weeks, so that I could more gradually get used to the idea, lol.  She, on the other hand, was ready to go, waiting for this big day, all summer.....  And she was so nice to let me take her picture on the way out.....

So fun to see her off, but I had to act like it was no big deal, like we hadn't worked towards this over the last three years...... I reminded myself to be cool, and that's just what she needed....She had a great first day...and I can't wait to hear how it goes tomorrow.  She is taking three classes, a full load.  Stayed turned for more updates, if you like..just click on "College."

Are your teens aiming towards college, too?  

There are many homeschool friendly colleges out there, and colleges are looking for the kind of students that homeschooling produces - motivated, independent learners.

Here is how we got started,..and it wasn't that hard to do, taking it one step at a time. Our first step was researching  the college websites.

Starting your college researching early is a help, if that is possible. But it can be done later, by just recalling info about their previous studies, and going from there. 

The most important thing was to find out what the colleges wanted of their incoming freshman.

 Admission Requirements

The first thing for me, always, when faced with a task like this, is to pour myself a nice hot steaming cup of coffee!  Then, my teen and I sat down to search the college websites, picking the most likely ones....which, for us, were ones within commuting distance of our home.
Each college will show their admission requirements with just a click of the button.  This information was easy to find, just by looking at college websites, under freshman admission requirements. We clicked around until we found a heading such as this:


College Academic Distribution Requirements (CADR)

All applicants must complete a minimum level of preparation in six subject areas. This requirement ensures that students entering the University have an appreciation for the liberal arts and are adequately prepared to succeed in college.....etc


There we found a  list of their requirements....


4 credits of Language Arts
 3-4 credits of Math
4 credits of Social Studies
2 credits of Science, with labs
2 credits of Foreign Language
1/2 -1 credit of Fine Arts
6 credits of electives

 Each college is different.

I recommend checking with a number of possible colleges, to get a good idea of your student's college entrance requirements.  For more information on typical requirements for state colleges, private ones, etc, check out the Let's Homeschool High School list here.

Our next step was to look for any specific requirements for homeschoolers.  But they didn't get in our way!

     Homeschool Requirements

The college website may include special requirements for homeschoolers, and sometimes it is just an interview. Some of our college choices had additional requirements.  This tended to be more common with our state colleges, than with our private colleges.


Three of our colleges required what they called "validation" for certain subjects.  Please see the example below....


College A - Homeschool Requirements :  

Along with your Homeschool Transcript, validation is required for Math and Science at this state college.  This can be accomplished through one of the following:

1.  Take one of your math courses, AND one of your science courses at a community college, OR as an AP course, OR from a regionally accredited online school, OR

2.  Take the SAT subject tests for math and science OR

3. Take the ACT.

We decided to take the ACT test, as we needed to do one of the SAT or the ACT anyway.

As the ACT test could be used for "validation", as in this case, and then all we had to do was a foreign language test from the college. 

We had no trouble with the validation that the state colleges required of us.  And the private colleges that we applied to did not ask for extra validation,....one wanted an interview, which was no problem.   

After our research was done, we were ready to plot out a general plan for my teen's high school years.  Click here to reach more on 

And it was still possible to have a nurturing, experience, doing high school at home.

Homeschooling the Middle & High School Years


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  1. I hopped over on the blog hop. I've found colleges in our areas love homeschoolers. I have a senior this year, too. Good times!

    1. Thanks, Vicki, for your comment! So nice to hear about the homeschool friendly colleges in your area. Looks like we both will have a graduate this spring!

  2. Congratulations to your daughter on her college acceptance letters!! That deserves a big celebration!

    I will be sharing this with my kids - we start homeschooling high school this year and this will help them understand the importance of starting with the end goal (college) in mind.

    Thanks so much for sharing at the Finishing Strong Link-up!

  3. Thanks, Susan, for the opportunity to be a part of the Finishing Strong Link-up! Lots of great posts there!

  4. Hi Besty! I hopped my way over here on the blog hop!

    Congratulations! What an amazing accomplishment. I'm just learning about how close-knit and amazing the homeschool community is and I LOVE how supportive you all are of one another. I'm sure your daughter's success story will inspire many other high schooled homeschool students.

    Congrats again!

    1. Lauren,

      Thanks so much for stopping by on the blog hop! Your words are much appreciated. We have been fighting the flu here....In fact, I just found time to write about it, lol! I hope that your family doesn't get this bug! Here's the link, for the post about the bug, eg the flu,.....

  5. Wondering if I could include this post in a round-up series I am currently doing on Considering Homeschooling? It would be in the higher level section, and would include a text link to your site :) I would promote it on all my social media. Thanks Rachael (rachael.faith@gmail.com)

    1. Yes! And thanks for including me, +Rachel DeBruinQ

  6. Hi, Betsy! Thanks for adding this to the #laughlearnlinkup!

  7. Thanks for stopping by, +Michelle Cannon, and I look forward to the #laughlearnlinkup next week!


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